Ananto Barsha Again Together in Film Most Welcome2

Ananto Barsha Again Together in Film Most Welcome2

Most welcome 2 Film hero ,Producer and director M.A Jalil Ananto again preparing to shooting his upcoming film Most Welcome 2 from 20 April.He also directed another producer Ananno Mamun to ready for all shooting Process.Popular Couple Ananto-Barsha by this time again will stand in front of camera in this episode.Few days ago Barsha Came from India and hide himself from showbiz.Recently Come to  dramatic event and misunderstanding between Ananto-Barsha that are trying to succeed in Dealing with each other.Ananta said,If Barsha wants to work with film Most welcome 2,i will finishe my film with her.

Although right back from india barsha is Contact silence,so there is no dramatic events will be happend.For this reason,its clear to all Barsha again will act in film Most welcome 2 from coming 20 April and its not will matter of surprise if Barsha get back to Ananto family.Because Ananto Given devorce through conference but he did’nt  show any devorce papers.

Three Times Titled by Govt.CIP(Commercial Impotent Person) M.A Jalil Ananto introduce himself as a hero through film “The Search”with Barsha.At the same time he act in film “Speed”,Gazi Majharul Anower Direced film ‘Hridoy vanga dhew”,Ananna Mamun Directed Film “Most welcome” and film “Nirsharto valobhasha”also with Barsha.Above Movie was under banner of monsoon film.M.A Jalij Ananto Next project Film “The Spy”.Modern Technology Will apply in film “The Spy”.

When They were acting in film “The Search”from that time loved each other and later get married.Last 23 march happened little Misunderstanding between them and eventually they  gone police station.Barsha Wentto india without permision of Ananta.Now she hide herself from others and mobile switch off.If Ananto Barsha forget above Sulks and stand again together in front of camera 20 April,Then every thing will be clear to all of us and we expect that from them.

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