Bengle Movie Mishor Rahasya (2013) as Kakababu Prosenjit

Bengle Movie Mishor Rahasya (2013) as Kakababu Prosenjet
Kolkata new upcoming Bengle Movie Mishor Rahasya directed by Srijit Mukherjee starring by popular actor Prosenjit and Swastika Mukharjee.Prosenjeet will play leading role as Kakababu.

Some Information film Mishor Rahasya
Director:Srijit Mukherjee
Main Story :Sunil Gangopadhyay
Produced : Sree Venketesh Films
Cast:Prosenjit Chatterjee,Swastika Mukharjee,Indraneil
Sengupta,Neel Mukherjee,Tulika Basu,Rjit Kapoor and More…
Based On :Thriller,Adventure
Language :bengle
Release Date:November 2013.

Srijit Mukherjee Speech:

The last three years’ Theatre so. They tell a reminder inside inside chilai. Years careka the Bengali language and some pictures created is where the new managers anew story started. News’ll be the film’s producer is, the visitors are. These paristhitita target launch of the About the 009 in Kolkata, pictures can come., after many good – bad experience is, which is atographa film reflects. immediately noticed that this indastrita a make – innings doorstep of the World., creative reason, as is the economic karanatai more., I was very lucky that this is a time I come to this industry were. was a Happy Journey to all of the last three years, I can speak., but I am very Happy but it is not just. ‘

Why super Happy’m not ‘over the last three years in this industry, as such, the enemy has., But have less, the enemy’s. Jealousy, kheyo – kheyi, twigs, etc, etc. My previous corporate However, and here. Crab mentality called. Was this mentality is seen that Here it was a surprise here. But the corporate world with the world pharakata is, there are offices within the life here, the next day the papers read. late in the course of interest saoya done., so to displease the mode of another., it is in this industry, deficiency. Scale picture of the dream that I have, we still do not have the infrastructure to scale the image. their funding, and no technical suyogasubidheo. Yet, we have already heard the Bengali film risarjensa. decline to do it. But where is this?

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