Film Piprabidya and Duboshohor directed by Mostofa sarwar Farooki

film Piprabidya and Duboshohor directed by Mostofa sarwar FarookiHere is the news we have been waiting for. Mostofa sarwar Farooki launched two new projects. One is Piprabidya ( Ant Story). Piprabidya is in production now. The shooting is going smoothly. BPL girl Sheena Chohan, sabbir hasan, mithu, and Mukit are the main casts. Another one is Duboshohor (aquarium town). This feature project was launched in Film Bazaar 2012. It was then chosen by Dubai Film Market. At that time,
the title was Biscuit Race. The shoot for Duboshohor starts from November. Nusrat Imrose Tisha and Mehzabien Chowdhury are so far confirmed as the main casts.Film Piprabidya and Duboshohor

The muharat (formal ceremony) of two new films “Piprabidya” and “Duboshohor” was held on Monday at the Channel-i office where Managing Director of Impress Telefilm Ltd. and Channel-i,Sales and Marketing Director of Channel i Ibne Hasan Khan,Mostafa sarwar farooki,Nusrat Imrose Tisha,BPL girl Sheena Chohan,Mehjabin Chowdhury were present .Piprabidya” and “Duboshohor both of movies are produced under banner of Impress Telefilm Ltd and Chhabial.

The storyline of the film ‘Piprabidya’ depicts the hopes, dejections, limitations and greed of a youth from middle-class family. On the other,“Duboshohor” is about the friendship of two girls and also portrays their love lives and ambitions. On the other hand “Piprabidya” depicts the miseries of a young man from a middle class family, his limitations, deprivations and aspirations on the backdrop of our social reality.

There is no one who doesn’t know the name of Mostofa sarwar Farooki.He is film director, screenwriter and film producer and Writer.He was born in Dhaka on May 2 in 1973.Mostofa sarwar Farooki film Third person Singular number and television got huge popularity in home and abroad.Third Person Singular Number’ was premiered in Pusan International Film Festival in 2009. Television film was selected as the closing film of Busan International Film Festival in South Korea in we are waiting his upcoming film Piprabidya and Duboshohor.

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